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Criminal / Rape Case Defense Lawyers

Adv Ashish Baraskar and his respected firm is skilled Criminal Lawyer in Mumbai who deals with various complex issues such as Rape cases, Criminal Cases etc. which obviously arises a family breakdown just because of few members of the family. .

Many of the rape cases are handled over the years by the Rape Case Defense Lawyer In Mumbai with an objective and vision of the complete justice to the victim and its respected family members.

The Criminal Case defense lawyers in Mumbai have a multi-jurisdictional aspect which has established a name for him and for his firm in the legal field for cases with removal of children from all kinds of the cases.

The firm is based in Mumbai and honestly, works in the Bombay High Court and also in all the major courts in the country. He has committed himself to help his clients in achieving the best possible result and the outcome of the all the cases to support the families completely by the process.